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Beginning of the Down East Yacht Club

On a warm summer day in June 1966 a group of yachtsmen at the BOATEL MARINA (now Tugboat) was standing on the docks having a good time laughing and telling jokes when Vernal Furbush, owner of the BOATEL, came down on the wharf and wanted to know why we didn't start some sort of a "FUN CLUB" because the group was always getting together on one boat or another having such a good time.

It was talked over amongst the yachtsmen in the Marina and adjoining docks and they thought it sounded like a good idea. We told Mr. Furbush that we would start a club and he offered us a room, in what was the old Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club, where we could hold our activities.

On September 17th, 1966 a meeting was called; an agenda was prepared so that the meeting would cover all pertinent points. At this time Janie Hart seemed to be the prime mover in getting the project into gear.

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Commodore Message



Ahoy DEYC Members and Friends

As the Maine boating season approaches, we look forward to seeing our burgees flying in the

harbor, on our boats, motoring, mooring, and at the dock. Take care in launching and cruising

your vessels for a carefree boating season.


I hope that you were able to attend some of the off-season gatherings in Maine or Florida. The

photographs and articles in the Boothbay Register certainly convey the great times had by all.


The boating season calendar of events found in the roster and on the website starts with the

Commodore’s brunch in May and extends thru September. I look forward to seeing the many

smiling faces of the club and welcome you and your friends to the many opportunities to gather

for fun and camaraderie. Visit our informative website for a full schedule of events and other

entertaining and administrative material.


The annual Cruise begins July 7 and extends for a week. Look up the details on the website and

join your fellow boaters in this adventure down east – all are welcome and encouraged to be a

part of the fleet.


Our club runs on volunteers, take time to look at the roster, the committees, the cruise, and the

events. Put your name forward to help with activities that are of interest.


We are fortunate to have the support of our club members and the community here in

Boothbay. Special thanks go to Luke’s Boatyard, Blake’s Boatyard, The Tugboat Inn for hosting

many of our activities. Your Bridge, Board of Directors, Administrative Assistant, Committees,

and hosts deserve a warm round of applause for all that they do.


We have an exciting and vibrant fun club, supported by all who give freely of their talents. For

anyone interested in boating and being involved our club will welcome you. Look forward to

seeing everyone soon.


If our burgee is flying on Dragonfly at the Tugboat stop by and say HI. Enjoy another wonderful

Maine summer on the water.

Your Commodore

Brent Pope


Officers & Committees

Officers and Board of Directors 2022-2023

DEYC Officers 2022 2023


Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore

Board of Directors

Freeman Etheridge
P/C Win Russell
P/C Sandy Young
P/C George Hamilton
John Ridlon
Carol McCarthy
Maggie Loheed
Jeffery Banger
Stephen Crockett
P/C Jeanne Koenig


Brent Pope
Aaron Rugh
Kristen King
Jack Brennan
P/C Susan Pope



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New Members

NEW MEMBERS WELCOME – come join the fun.

Our membership requirements ask that you attend one of our events as a guest of a sponsoring member, after which an application accompanied with a letter from the sponsor and a $100 application fee should be sent to the club for approval by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors.

Proposed new members are required to attend at minimum one event as the guest of a sponsor prior to applying.

Should you not know any of our current members please contact the membership link below and one of our members will contact you to meet and help you through the membership process.

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Make yourself known to one of our members and they will be glad to tell you about the club.